Home Automation

We are dedicated to integrate a complex array of residential technologies which enabling the achievement of a desired lifestyle through coordinated control of home environment and presenting users with a simple, perfect, reliable, innovative, consistent and scalable automation solution designed to simplify lives.

We provide a single system approach by controlling a wide range of home equipments with no limitation, including:


Automated control multiple zones of distributed audio and video system, providing customized entertainment as per requirement for different areas of the house with single touch.


Controls for heating and air conditioning systems, in the form of programmable thermostats, address comfort and efficiency by maintaining a schedule consistent with your family’s presence in the home according to time of day or room usage.


Personalized lighting scenes (e.g., party, romantic, night time) can be created to set the mood for any occasion which provides convenience, comfort, and efficiency. Once a lighting scene is defined, it can be invoked by time of day, motion or contact sensing, or the push of a single button at a convenient place in the home.


Integration of Security and alarm systems address most of the safety issues in the home environment. Convenience improves when security sensors can also be used to trigger climate and lighting scenes when the alarm system is disarmed or add to the burglary deterrent by flashing exterior lights when motion is detected.


Strategically placed CCTV cameras outside the house can relay visitors' images to fixed points of access control.

Access Control

Automated control system can automatically lock and unlock windows, doors, and gates to ensure that the home is secure.

Home Data Network

Increasingly home automation systems are being designed to utilize the home data network to pass control information or stream digital media. This infrastructure subsystem will allowing the integration of entertainment, computing, and control devices with appliances into a coordinated home network with the potential to improve all of the other lifestyle.

Intercom Communications

Sophisticated intercom functions are fully integrated with automation system components.

Control and Monitoring from Anywhere

Remote Monitoring & Management allows homeowners to remotely control all non-entertainment devices over the web and also on mobile devices to control the system with the on-screen navigator.

We make use of wired and wireless communications for an architecture completely based on standard communications protocols. In addition to the Controllers, we also provides Touch Screens in wall-mounted enclosures with an intercom option, in-wall switches and dimmers, outlet switches and dimmers.